by Jasmijn Visser (visual artist, NL), Stine Janvin Motland (sound poet, NO) and Song Circus.

In 1961 the USA activated SOSUS, an oceanic Sound Surveillance System of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It ́s main objective was the detection of Russian Submarines. After the cold war the operation was reduced, as its immediate need had decreased. During the nineties it picked up a collection of sounds that could not be explained. The sounds could have originated from man made vehicles, such as submarines, but also be caused by natural phenomena, such as whales or icebergs.

Upsweep-Whistle-Bloop takes shape in the tradition of the Gesamtkunstwerk. Just as in the NOAA’s list, all disciplines create an ambiguous world where the organic and the mechanic are constantly at play.

First premiére summer 2016



Cover upsweep-whistle-bloop

Duration: about 30 minutes