An interactive music installation theater for children.

The Country is struggling with economic decline. Dr. Meyer is a charismatic, passionate, energetic and venture-minded entrepreneur, with good speech skills. He talks right to the heart of politicians. The test results are overwhelming. The Digital Cucumber is unsurpassed in terms of productivity and propagation, and tests show that it is resistant to viruses, thanks to Dr. Meyer’s amazing antivirus system. Imagine what this technology can mean in the fight against hunger and poverty! The project gets a lot of attention, Forbes has called Dr Meyer one of Europe’s most innovative entrepreneurs, the share price goes straight to heaven and Dr. Meyer’s visit talk shows and receptions all over the world, broadcasted directly from his laboratory. But the cucumber is not real and therefore without substance, and realites blend. Unfortunately no one dares to ask the important questions, and despite all good intentions, the project will nevertheless lead to disaster. «

Created by Liv Runesdatter and Song Circus in collaboration with director Hildur Kristinsdottir, Pål Asle Pettersen (electonics & interactive sound installations), Atle Skorstad (illustrator, writer and a specialist in media studies), Kate Lane (costume designer & scenographer), Ben Turnbull (visual technologi and video). Duration: 40 minutes. Premiere summer 2019.