Sound of a Cage

The art conferance Sound of a Cage takes place every third year, with workshops, concerts, art exhibitions, choreography and art talks. We are currently developing the program for Sound of a Cage 2016.


Previous conferences:

SOUND OF A CAGE 2013 «Structure»

By CARMA Contemporary Art, Music & Dance in collaboration with Rogaland Art Museum, Ny Musikk Stavanger (organization for new music and sound art), Tou Scene and Grafill Stavanger (organization for visual communication).

Curator: Liv Runesdatter


Node Berlin Oslo design office

Sidsel Endresen had a vocal impro workshop and performed LautLeben by Endresen/Rolf Wallin with film by Tone Myskja + workshop)

Song Circus was performing music by Cornelius Cardew

Peter S. Meyer, director of Rogaland Art Museum was held a lecture about Jan Groth

Music historian Morten Eide Pedersen held a lecture about structure in contemporary music

Ingrid Romarheim Haugen, from the Norwegian National Library, held a lecture about LautLeben by Endresen/Wallin Et liv inni lyden

Rogaland Art Museum presented two exhibitions by Dorte Østergaard and Henrik B Andersen.


SOUND OF A CAGE 2010  «Open Form»


Else Olsen Storesund (piano), Sigyn Fossnes (violin), Song Circus (vocal ensemble), Marit Sandsmark (dance & choreography), Pål Asle Pettersen, Jan Morten Iversen and Sindre Bjerga (composer and musician, electro-acoustic music), Torild Wardenær (poet), Lars Mørch Finborud (musician, writer and curator at Henie Onstad Art Centre), Adam Løwert (dancer & ch) og Martin Worts (kurator, leder Rogaland Kunstsenter.