Interactions & Improvisational music

Song Circus perform improvisational based music by composers such as John Cage, Christian Wolff, James Tenney, Cornelius Cardew, Nils Henrik Asheim and Song Circus.

The ensemble has been working on musical interventions in public spaces and interactive sessions witch involve the audience.


Live Contemporary Music for Meditation

In 2014 Song Circus developed a new interactive concert project with live contemporary music for yoga and meditation. In collaboration with a long list of people and companies, the ensemble visited drug rehab institutions, yoga festivals, kindergardens, psyciatric institutions, churches, health centres etc. The concerts are based on open form-compositions, such as Cornelius Cardews «Paragraph 7» from «The Great Learning» and compositions made by the ensemble. It was a wonderful and different experience for the ensemble both artistically and on a human level. Song Circus is continuously developing the project.