Young people´s views about contemporary music

After a course in music criticism, students from the Langhaugen VGS attended a Song Circus concert in Bergen. Afterwards, they wrote reviews. The course was developed by Ida Habbestad and Hild Borchgrevink, who both have long experience as reviewers in Aftenposten and Dagsavisen, and editors in Ballade and

» This is unlike anything else I’ve heard. The sounds they make are impressive and can give many different associations: a forest of birds, frothing water, dogs, crying sounds and stones that are jumping on the water surface.

Tiril Totland, 2 mm, Langhaugen videregående skole

«One can imagine snowflakes floating in the air while Frøholm plays icy cold. The vocal ensemble impresses me with the most incredible sounds. We hear everything from animal breathing and wheezing, to crying and coughing. The music is melodic but in an experimental and unusual form. Frøholm’s fiddle is perhaps the most important mood influencer, as it acts as a separate, crying voice.

Ingeborg Nygaard, 2mm Langhaugen Videregående Skole