Song Circus is a Norwegian chamber ensemble of professional and improvising singers. The ensemble is specializing in the interpretation of contemporary music.

We have been working on a new art project: “Transit”, a music installation by Liv Runesdatter, with Song Circus and a group of untrained voices by refugees and immigrants from nine different counties. Text by Confucius and Mansur Rajih (Jemen/Norway).

In the first week of Desember we did eight performances in Rogaland, Western Norway. We have made new friends, and we have been moved by individuals´ strength and bravery. I have witnessed how people contribute to help the refugees who arrive the city, and I have met skepticism.

ومن ليس اصيلا يتهاوى
ستجرفه الريح بعيدا
عن مجرى الثورة
والوطن المتجدد دوما في التأصيل
طريقك يا وطني
درب الحرية
هذا الدرب طويل

In collaboration with Johannes Læringssenter. Supported by Rogaland Fylkeskommune, Stavanger Kommune, Musikernes Konsertfond (MFO Rogaland) and Arts Council Norway.

Måltid 1
Måltid 2

Måltid EiraKunstmuseet Signi + Khalids mor

Kunstmuseet Khalid

Sølvberget 2


“Through minutiae explorations into the very microlevels of sound anatomy, through vocal investigations into, as well as the activation of, spatial premises and through the discovery of timbral qualities of objects, Song Circus masters an unusual audial vocabulary that expands the idea of what music can be.” 

We are happy and proud to present the newly released album Anatomy of Sound.

The album marks the first release from the contemporary vocal chamber ensemble and a first time collaboration with the multiple Grammy-nominee Lindberg Lyd. Delve into minutiae explorations of the very microlevels of sound anatomy, through vocal investigations that expands the idea of what music can be!


If you have access to a home cinema or audio surround system, we invite you to a fascinating three dimensional soundscape. Anatomy of Sound is available on Blu-ray and hybrid SACD, recorded, produced and released by Lindberg Lyd /2L and North Europe´s number one when it comes to surround sound, Morten Lindberg.

“An unforgettable experience. Rich and strange. As audience I experienced being in a terrain, from a time when listening to the environment was essential for survival. To be reminded of this, not only intellectually but physically and spatially, is rare. I let myself run and seduce and enjoy a contemporary art experience, and was awakened by an ancient vigilance. Strange and exceptional”

Listen here:



September 26th 15.30 / 16.45

Dome of Visions, Copenhagen


The album Anatomy of Sound will be released at Song Circus´ concerts during Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen, one of the leading European festivals for contemporary music. Song Circus will perform Landscape with Figures by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen.

Song Circus has collaborated with Ruben Sverre Gjertsen on the development of his project Landscape with Figures since 2011. The human voice is a central part of the instrumental palette of this project and much of the music is the result of the joint efforts of the ensemble and the composer. Landscape with Figures is partially open in its form; the music is tremendously detailed and intricately notated and requires considerable musical and vocal technique and virtuosity. The composition stretches the limits of tonal flexibility and microtonal precision. The vocalists are positioned among the audience, and electroacoustic sounds are conveyed via a large loudspeaker setup that fills the room and creates a three-dimensional terrain.

Landscape eske


Anatomy of Sound will be released at our concerts during Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen, September 26th 15.30 / 16.45 in Dome of Visions

The album contains new music written by the Norwegian composers Ruben Sverre Gjertsen and Ole-Henrik Moe.

Anatomy of Sound is recorded in Uranienborg Church by Lindberg Lyd in 9.0 Auro-3D. The record is also available as hybrid SACD.

The production is funded by Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists (FFUK) and FFLB

Forside platecover SC

JOUISSANCE An extravaganza of musical experiences

3pm – 11pm

For eight hours straight Slotsholmen will be filled with more than 40 concerts presenting some of the most interesting and innovative art music of today, written by Nordic composers and performed by world class ensembles and soloists. The day is dedicated to the extraordinary potential in the relation between music and audience. The ambition of Jouissance is for the audience to leave the everyday humdrum behind and let oneself be seduced by all the facets of Nordic Art Music.

Curators: Composer Line Tjørnhøj (DK), writer and critic Hild Borchgrevink (N) and creative producer Beth Morrison (US)

Song Circus visited Maerz Festival

Song Circus visited MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues in March. MaerzMusik is run by The Berliner Festspiele. The ensemble took part of Music Norways delegation together with Oslo Sinfonietta, Cikada, The Norwegian Soloist Choir, BIT 20 and The Kitchen Orchestra.

MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2015 devotes itself to contemporary time issues with concerts, installations, performances, film projects and discourse sessions. The festival offers a public forum over 10 days that is concerned with prevailing concepts, structures and experiences of time that go beyond chronological and efficiency-oriented temporal regimes. The concrete temporal experiences in music, performances and films are associated with discourses and theories and offer the visitors various ways of accessing the phenomenon of time. With this, the festival delivers a comprehensive contribution to the debate about how we manage time.

Song Circus Programme 2015 release

Song Circus has recently released the concert programme for the 2015-2016 season, “Anatomy of Sound”.

In 2015 Song Circus present ten unique projects, invoving ten contemporary composers: Programme 2015 (plain text)

“Through minutiae explorations into the very microlevels of sound anatomy, through vocal investigations as vell as the activation of spatial premises and the discovery of timbral qualities of objects, Song Circus masters an unusual audial vocabulary that expands the idea of what music can be.”

Illustrations by Nina Elisabeth Børke, Werksemd (NO).

Collage Werksemd m logo 1

Illustrasjon Werksemd metall

Illustrasjon Werksemd tre

Illustrasjon Werksemd Landscape + Persefone u logo og og tekst

Song Circus is signed to 2L / Lindberg Lyd

Song Circus has been collaborating with Lindberg Lyd (Morten Lindberg / Jørn Simenstad) since summer 2013. In April we are recording music by the Norwegian composers Ole-Henrik Moe and Ruben Sverre Gjertsen in Uranienborg Church, Oslo. Feel free to read more about the projects in our websites. We will record the music in 8 channels surround format and release it on Pure Audio Blu-ray in combination with SACD. Morten is among the worlds top Recording Engineers / Producers when it comes to surround format. In 2015 Lindberg Lyd got their 20th Grammy Nomination. Song Circus are thrilled about the project, the music and our collaborators.

Surround bilde